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Cut your energy use by more than 50%

T5 Retrofit Tube in Tube with end ballasts

The T8 replacement is so easy to fit to magnetic ballasts (they have a starter in the side) Simply remove the starter and fit the tube into where the old T8 tube fitted. Electronic ballasts, just bypass the ballast.

Various lengths and colour temperatures available. Dimmable, shatterproof, non-flicker, CB Certification,

The 22w will produce more lumens (Brightness) than the old T8 40w.
For New Installations or old. Water proof fittings also available.

Tubes can be purchased in various wattages and volts.

Induction fluorescent

Looking for a cheaper way to replace those hot halogens in the factory and save on your power bill With more than 60,000 hours of life ,that's around ten years at 12 hours a day.

The retro-fit is designed to fit into your existing halogen ,your electrician just needs to take out the old ballast and replace it with the new in the top or casing of your light.

Then you simply screw in the bulb.

The “RETRO” is available currently up to 200 w .A cheap fast alternative to long term energy efficiency.

After all getting good luminance with a power saving is what its all about.

How much do you spend replacing security lights and remember they don`t offer very good security when they go out. Long life means less maintenance costs and less security risks.


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