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Fluorescent Lighting

Fluorescent is still leading the way on energy consumption and Lumen output. If your choice is based on safety then replace those halides,halogen globes with the modern energy saver range.

The new Tube in Tube virtually eliminates showers of glass and mercury from broken tubes. With more than 50% energy saving over those old tubes and the ability to dim the non-flicker tube the choice to go greener is now affordable and easy.
All product has CB or UL certification

Induction lighting

There is a definite need for less light globes to be used by any corporation or co-operative. Besides the obvious cost long term, of both power and globe, there is also the real factor that by reducing the number of globes used over ten or 20 years there is much less going to landfill. A single small company that replaces it globes every 2 years ,say 5 times in ten years can make a greener step by reducing the amount of product waste. A small company with 100 globes ,could reduce its consumption of globes by up to 500 globes by using induction lights.

If we multiply that by 100,000 companies that's fifty million globes (50,000,000) we could stop from going to landfill, significant.

The labour involved in replacing lighting in , factories, tunnels , streets and security lights is both cost prohibitive and dangerous. What is the cost and greenhouse effect of so many machines being used just to replace those globes. Trying to replace a light in a difficult place can be dangerous.

Electrodeless Lighting is the way to go.

Heat reduction ,maximum operating temperature of the globe 120 c.

Long life 60,000 + hrs that's more than 13 years at 12 hours a day.

We can design any fitting for any requirement.

Email us with your requirement, we are always happy to qoute, small orders no problem and we can airfreight too.



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