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eveloped a uorescent tube that produces two focussed

We at Cbuy have developed a single fluorescent tube that produces two focussed spectrums with a full spectrum production.

Both spectrums are focussed on the blue and the red spectrums which we know are the major wavelengths needed for most plant growth but also producing a broad minor spectrum.

The DS2.300 has an external ballast , a 2 metre power cord and a 3 metre ballast to light cord , we have made the light versatile.

The DS2.300 incorporates a polished Aluminium lightweight shade(.5 kg) so it is maximising light energy to where its needed

The DS2.300 is lightweight (total 2. kg) making the strength of hanging structures less of a consideration.

The DS2.300 does not have a known explosion risk.

The DS2.300 uses a large rectangular fluorescent tube which is approximately

W: 140mm ,H: 60 mm, L:670mm

Making even light distribution easier than other globes.

Weights – Reflector : .5 kg (1/2) (L 680x W 330 x H92 ,122 to top of bracket.)mm

Light : 1.52 kg (L 670 x W 140 x H 60)mm

Total weight = 4.4 lb

The DS2.300 runs at a maximum 120 c, which is considerably cooler than other alternatives.

Because you can get the light closer more energy will be delivered to the plants .

So better growth with little or no burning.

The DS2.300 will generate as much or more plant light energy than a HID 400w while running at 300 w .Thats a 25% ,100w, saving.

The DS2.300 has a 60,000+ hour life. Running 18 hours a day that's 3,300 days or more than 9+ years. At 12 hours a day 13+ years

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