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After 2 Years of research CBuy has developed a double spectrum ,full spectrum Fluorescent light for horticultural use. Our first model Is the DS2.300

There has been a demand by the horticultural industry for a number of years for a light that is as economical as current technology allows ,has low heat as a by-product,is relatively safe,a long life ,easy to use, and most importantly facilitates the healthy growth of a broad range of plants

Why fluorescent?

In our early days of research we tried to develop LED lighting for horticultural use but as I will explain we found they just cant do the job well enough.

Firstly we understand the various main wavelengths of light that stimulate plant growth but there are probably unknown effects on healthy plant growth by other wavelengths so a light that produces a full spectrum of at least visible light was needed,LED,s can not provide them.

Further when we look at the inverse law of light it tells us that ten 1 w globes do not have the same energy and cannot penetrate or travel as far as a single 10w globe. Led,s are a long way from being able to supply enough energy from a single LED , they also have a short lifespan because of lack of development of a suitable heat sink. So dense ,large high foliage plants with high light requirements will just not grow healthily with good production under LED,s. There are good possibilities for them on low light requirement plants like seedlings but a single household fluorescent tube will probably do as good a job and are a lot cheaper to buy.

HID ,sodium vapour etc have been used exstensively in the horticultural industry for a number of years and they do the job adequately but have certain undesired characteristics.

Heat: HID lights run at high temperatures generally between 200c and 600c. This is a problem when trying to get the lights close to plants. As discussed before the closer you can get the light to the plant the more energy you deliver to the plant so that less energy is wasted.

Light energy generally dissipates to the square so at double the distance its about a quarter of the energy.

You also get hot spots from the one relatively small globe either burning foliage or giving uneven growth and making control of light distribution harder.

They have been known to explode so are considered dangerous.

The drop off of light energy production of the globe means you need to replace the globe regularly.

Although energy efficient they are still expensive to run.

To obtain good vegetative growth and flowering most growers now have to switch tubes ,more cost more work.



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